Most of us (well, two thirds anyway) have a preference for receiving visual information. It helps with our retention. Many people are visual learners and are fed up of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ – endless slides with dense text bullet points that do nothing to bring content to life.

Graphic Recording is the visual capture of stories. And everyone loves stories! People just love to see a story develop visually as they listen and take part in discussions or attend meetings and conferences.

There is so much power in pictures! Why? Well, messages that are complex can be condensed into a simple memorable snapshot that when viewed after the event will trigger more extensive recall of the facts and associated emotions experienced.

So, talk to us when you would like to:

  • Inspire with large scale graphics produced live to capture the essence of your conference or meeting

  • Help to facilitate teams to formulate visions, strategy or to work together more effectively

  • Dump PowerPoint and create a memorable presentation using large-scale graphics

  • Add magic by having a live ‘real time’ illustration drawn capturing your presentation as you give it

  • Map journeys, for example development or change journeys

  • Bring in an external graphic facilitator to run your team even though there is no budget

We can share the magic by designing some great large-scale templates that will offer you and the team a systematic approach that will help your team think, share and be creative.

Need to create captivating messages about the transformation or change initiatives in your organisation. People move towards change if the future looks better than the past. We help create meaningful graphics that capture what is being moved away from – what it might be like in transition and how the future will lead to something better. This can be done in workshops live with project groups or as a rich picture following an in depth briefing.