Our Mission


Our mission is to enable personal and organisational transformation using a variety of powerful facilitation tools which provide an engaging approach to developing vision, strategy, solving problems or launching projects.



Talk to us when you need …

  • Inspiring, large-scale hand-drawn graphics produced live at your next gathering to capture the essence of the discussion and to act as a fantastic post-event aide memoire

  • First-class workshop design and facilitation to help your people create or revitalise vision, mission and strategy

  • Large-scale visual templates to aid group thinking and capture key output

  • Enhanced communications, projects or change programme launch events

  • Map journeys, the customer experience or change pathway

  • A problem-solving or creativity and innovation workshop to move your business forward

  • In-house training to bring the art of graphics into your workplace

  • Team development design and facilitated workshops

  • Presentation training or presentation visuals using engaging hand-drawn imagery

  • An Appreciative Inquiry facilitator to support your event

Welcome to Drawn to Learn


We are here to bring the magic of visual mapping, graphic facilitation and graphic recording to your business activities, meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

Drawn to Learn is passionate about the art and skill of facilitation, especially when we can do this in a creative, fun way using a variety of approaches from our graphics toolkit.

As Graphic Facilitators, we are the ears and heart of the meeting; helping people to SEE what they are saying! Working quickly and quietly we capture -real-time -the essence of the conversation using drawings and keywords to map the meaning.

Our big, bold, beautiful hand-drawn graphics increase engagement, shared understanding and contributions as people see their ideas developed visually. This helps to simplify complexity and increase retention.

At your next meeting, we will increase engagement, creativity, retention and contributions from your audience through visually mapping their conversations. This is a refreshing way to add a special dimension to your group activities.

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Drawn to Learn is keen that you get the best value possible when working with a Graphic Facilitator. Our free checklist will be an invaluable resource to support this.


Firstly, Graphic Facilitation is an art that’s a little confused about what to call itself. Let’s see how many names there are (let us know if you can think of any we have missed!)

  • Visual scribing

  • Visual harvesting

  • Visual services

  • Doodling

  • Cartooning

  • Story boarding

  • Mind-mapping

  • Sketchdoodling – OK we made that last one up but its pretty good huh?

We’ll call it Graphic Facilitation… the production of large scale imagery often produced in real time by a scribe to help groups think, contribute, remember, problem solve and vision.

People who do this fabulous work are generally called Graphic Facilitators, but we don’t mind what you call us, if you give it a go and discover the great impact it can have on the effectiveness of your gatherings!

Introduction to Drawn to Learn